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PLANNINGIO optimizes the largest brewery in Switzlerland


Markus Mickein (Co-Founder of PLANNINGIO) and Matthes Koch (Co-Founder of PLANNINGIO), in collaboration with Prof. Knut Haase (Institute of Logistics, Transport and Production at the University of Hamburg), implemented a model-based production planning system at the largest brewery in Switzerland.

Beer production includes brewing, fermentation, maturation, filtration and bottling. The implemented planning system ensures the consideration of all operations and resources, modeling of the multi-stage production system and process constraints, and optimization of production and storage schedules. The software is tailored to breweries and optimizes every resource of the entire product system to support holistic planning.

The customized planning system supports operational, tactical and strategic planning activities. The consideration of all relevant process steps and restrictions guarantees practicable production plans. In addition, the detailed plans reduce manual planning effort and the need for reactive capacities by improving planning quality. The scenario analyses improve cross-departmental decision-making by quantifying the impact of planning decisions made by other departments in different production scenarios on the entire production system.

Besides nonmonetary benefits, the new planning system reduces investment costs by avoiding reactive capacities and inefficient equipment as well as realizing operational cost savings by optimized production and inventory schedules.

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